Carluke Rovers Football Club

Chairman’s Job Description


Main Responsibilities

Manager and club officials

Ensure that managers and key club officials are appointed.


Matters For Club Attention

Take part in committee for disciplinary action, or other matters to ensure a consistent approach to these items.

Co-ordinate matters that require urgent attention outside of disciplinary matters.


Club Business

Chair the four managers meetings during the year, and 8 other committee meetings. This includes managing the meeting to the agenda, ensuring discussion and agreement take place, handling any issues that arise.

Chair the AGM ensuring that presenters support the club messages that we need to get across to the people attending the AGM.

Co-ordinate strategic items for the club such as applying for grants and financial application. Engage other committee members and players to undertake responsibility for matchday roles.

Ensure that the club suppliers are performing a good job and the club gets value for money for the services they provide.

The chairman is a key individual in ensuring very good commnications between the committee, managers, and th local Council. Also includes ensuring the committee is aware of team activities and encourage strong links and communication between committee and team through the season.


Other Responsibilities

Provide support and advice to managers and committee members.

Abide by and promote sound ethics and club policy, child protection, fair play and equal opportunities to all members.