Pitch Damage 2A disgusting act of vandalism and fire raising has seen horrendous damage to the pitch and high jump area at the John Cumming Stadium. The fire was started in the storage container holding the matting for the athletic high jump. The fire quickly spread due to the wind and reached the pitch where it not only damaged the goals and netting it continued over the 18 yard box until it was eventually extinguished.

The resultant damage now renders the pitch unplayable. At present we have no update as to when repair work can take place or when the pitch will be available to the Rovers and other teams who use the facility. Further updates will be given as and when we receive then via South Lanarkshire Council.


Pitch Damage 1Hopefully the perpetrator of this stupid act can be found quickly and brought to justice. If anyone has any info regarding this incident then please contact the Carluke Police office.

Carluke Rovers were due to face Newmains in the Euroscot Engineering Central League Cup this Saturday 28th. At present we have no info on a re-organised venue, this info will be updated as soon as possible.

Thanks to Lesley McNicol from Law and District Athletic Club for the additional 4 photographs below. Like ourselves and the numerous other clubs around Carluke who make use of the John Cumming facilities, Law and District have suffered the loss of a £5000+ High Jump and landing mat. Thats before the cost of track and pitch repair.


Pitch Damage 6
Pitch Damage 5
Pitch Damage 4
Pitch Damage 3